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Baby and Child Care by Dr. Benjamin Spock

Baby and Child Care by Dr. Benjamin Spock is an excellent book to have handy, especially with a first child.  The advice and explanations Dr. Spock gives regarding fever, rashes, coughs, innoculations and clothing for the infant is presented in simple language, somewhat wordy and repetitious, but in such a manner that you cannot misunderstand or confuse his instructions. Bathing an infant and sterilization of bottles, etc. seemed far too complicated.  The chapters on illness, first aid, and special problems are excellent and probably the most read and re-read chapters in the book. Not only do you get lots of psychological guidance in the areas of toilet training, weaning, thumbsucking, and bed wetting but, as may be expected, there are sermons on agressive children, no-war toys and growing up in a bomb-oriented world. You couldn't possibly agree with everything Dr. Spock says but after reading this book you are left with the feeling that you should relax, enjoy your baby, do what seems right and natural and that Spock is speaking from experience and common sense. 


ISBN: 0743476670

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