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tommy laing said you can shit in your nest just so long, then you're nesting in your shit, my dad said people in china save every little bit of shit they can, and work it back through the cycles. I'd like to suggest that humans use up more shit than they put back into the shit chain.

a hundred years ago migrating birds used little islands as roadstops. they had quite a little pile saved up, 200, 400 feet deep, until some boatowners started hauling bird-shit fertilizers back to the continents, opened up mines, called them the guano islands, and scared off most of the birds, then the bats got their caves robbed.

a year or so ago the western horseman ran an ad from a fellow somewhere in .illinbis who was retailing conversation-piece bottles of horseshit Under the name of "uncle Charlie's stallion manure." maybe in pint mason jars, cothciobs make better silage than fourply toiletpaper does.

if you live in the city and are into regularity and laxatives and BWl pay toilets, then you pay your dime and a couple of gallons of water flushes your shit down with the sanitation chemicals so some fellow down the line can either mix his sewer slidge with rice husks and sell your shit back to you for your banzai bushes, or haul the rness out to sea and create big dead spots in the ocean, indirect taxation, scatology.

stools as tools, ed says.