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CATALOG Procedure

Ordering from the CATALOG

Address orders to the supplier given with the item (unless you know of a better one; if you do, let us know).

If the price listed is not "postpaid", consult post office or express agency for cost of shipping from supplier's location to yours:

Add state sales tax if the transaction is within your state. (California sales tax is 5%)

Send check or money order with your order.

If the supplier gives you poor service, let us know.  That information can be added to his review.

With some indicated items the CATALOG also will ship. There is no price difference with the service; the CATALOG gets the markup instead of the other guy, is all.  Our service is fairly fast, especially for west coast orders. Bear in mind there's an inflation on. Prices are subject to rise without notice.

Generally, the closer the supplier is to you, the quicker and cheaper the shipping will be. If the item you're getting is delicate or if you are in a hurry, air express is a good deal. Anything overseas do by air, unless you want to wait a month or so for delivery.

Suggesting and Reviewing

The validity of the information in the CATALOG is only as good as the transmitted experience of users.  What would you add to the current CA TALOG?

The CATALOG pays its reviewers $10 an item for: getting familiar with the item, its usefulness, and its competition; evaluating the item; selecting samples of graphics or text (with page references) for the review; writing a 100-300 word review.  Reviewers and first-suggesters of items are credited in the CATALOG.

We invite reviews that improve on present reviews or accompany suggestions for new items. On acceptance for CATALOG publication reviewers are paid $10 per accept-   -ed review.  Unused reviews are not returned: Appearance of submitted material doesn't matter unless it is meant to be camera-ready.

Reviewers are not paid for material that appears only in the $1 Catalog.


Commentary from CATALOG users that is of general interest is published in the $1 Catalog. Critical comments, new design processes, no-cash techniques, news of specific enterprises, useful fantasies, design student work, time and trouble shortcuts, new uses for common or exotic materials, other realms for the CATALOG to consider, &c, &c,-------welcome.

Some tentative item reviews are carried in the $1 Catalog without payment to the reviewer. If a$1 Catalog review is later carried in the CA TA L OG, the reviewer is paid then.

Subscribing to the CATALOG

$8.00 per year.   This includes six issues, two big ones (Fall and Spring) and four smaller ones. A Subscription form is at the back. Memorize your zip code. If your address changes, you must tell us, because the Post Office won't forward.


Portola Institute, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit educational corporation. Donations to Portola or the CA TALOG may be deducted.  Retaining subscriptions to the CA TA L OG are $25 for one year ($17 tax deductible).. Sustaining subscriptions are $100+ per year ($92+ tax deductible).  Names of retaining and sustaining subscribers are given in the CATALOG.

Gifts and Informal Resale

CATALOGs are available in quantities of 5 or more at 25% discount.   Thus you can get 5 CA TALOGs for $11.25, sell four, keep one, and come out ahead.  There is no quantity discount on subscriptions.

For formal resale, see p. 54.


has become a nuisance.  We're not carrying any more.

CATALOG   Policy with Suppliers and Users

The CATALOG is under no obligation to suppliers, are under no obligation to the CATALOG.
Suppliers (manufacturers, creators, etc.) may not buy their way into the CATALOG.  Free samples, etc. are cheerfully accepted by CATALOG researchers; response not predictable.  No payment for listing is asked or accepted.  We owe accurate information exchange to suppliers, but not favors.

Our obligation is to CA TALOG users and to ourselves to be good tools for one another.

This issue

Japan is seeing to Stewart  we saw to this $1 Catalog. Guest editor and Whole Thing designer was Gordon Ashby. The T.V. Special was produced by Doyle Phillips and Harold Nickolds.  Everything else was done by a long list of people.

Preparation of the CATALOG was done on an IBM Selectric Composer and Polaroid MP-3 camera. Printing by Nowels Publications, Menlo Park.

The WHOLE EARTH CA TALOG is published at Portola Institute, 558 Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park, California 94025