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Bigfoot No Longer Fair Game

You can get five years in jail and a $10,000 fine for killing the legendary Sasquatch, or "Bigfoot," in Skamania county. Commissioners in this southwest Washington county have passed an ordinance providing the fine for anyone killing a Sasquatch, an ape-like "beast" which many say roam areas of the West.

The commissioners passed the law after a flurry of reported Sasquatch sightings. It was aimed at protecting county residents as much as the legendary, shy, night-roving, hairy "beast" from a hoard of armed and eager Sasquatch hunters that followed, commissioners say.

It may be the first time an animal was protected by man b e f o r e it was even found.

Let's do the same for unicorns, sea serpents, UFO's, and humans.