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Marin Stake                                            Novate, California 94947
Church Welfare Program - Stake President's Message
Individual and Family Preparation


As President of our stake I have been concerned about our making provisions for our families in emergency situations that may come to any of us as a result of illness, unemployment, fire, riot, economic dislocation, war, earthquakes, etc. It is not my desire to make a mountain out of a mole hill but I do think we should consider the problems that may confront us and how they relate to the area where we live, and to our families.

The Church Program does not include the concept that we will all flee to Utah if an emergency comes. The Church in Utah would not be able, nor does it expect to send us supplies to meet all emergency situations. Instead we are expected to take care of our selves and continue building up the kingdom here in our area.

We are all familiar with the prophecies that point to thefactthat we are living in the last days. Prior to the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we know there are to be troubled times, with wars, rumors of war, strife and tumult, until the whole earth will be filled with confusion and chaos, so much so that it will be difficult to know right from wrong, and eventually will bring an end to nations before the Savior comes. We have many promises that the Lord will preserve his people if they have lived righteously. This does not mean we will individually be spared from the challenges and hardships that will accompany this period. I do have a firm belief and faith that the Lord's plan will triumph in the earth, making the eventual establishment of a millenial reign of peace with the Church forming the basis of a stable government under Christ

The most important thing for us to do is live righteously no matter what happens to us in terms of physical difficulties so that our goal of exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom will be assured. It should be the goal of every member of this stake and every family to build spirituality into our homes so that we will be better able to live Christ-like lives thus making it possible to come before our Father in Heaven to seek his guidance, direction and protection. To enjoy these blessings we should meet each request to work in Hi" church and in His Kingdom on the earth, in welfare assignment, money raising projects, on ward chapels etc., and see to it that each request and assignment is met fully and properly to the best of our ability.  If we fail in doing this we will be unable to work cooperatively with our fellow men when serious emergency situations arise.

The Prophets of the Lord have given us direction in what to do. In the June 9,1973 issue of the Church News the "Autonomous Welfare" area was presented. Areawise we can expect more and new welfare projects with increased interstake cooperation with each of us asked to meet Increased responsibility with both work and sacrifice-In the meantime there are things we should and can do. Listed below are some specific suggestions that will be helpful in making preparation for the future, if and when a problem may arise:

1. Get one year's supply of food. Including some permanent type storage as well as rotatable stock. If this cannot be done get as much as you can, a little at a time.

2.   Get yourself and family out of debt. Avoid unwise debt. (Do not charge anything you cannot pay for in full when the bill is presented.)  Be sure each member of the family understands the family finances and knows where important papers are kept.

3.   Plant a garden and fruit trees. Use part of your lot to develop a home garden. Plant fruit trees in place of general type shade trees so that we can produce fruit to eat and for canning purposes.

4.   Get a supply of wood that can be used for heating and cooking if gas and electricity should be lost.

5.   Have some candles and a supply of dry matches on hand. A kerosene lamp, kerosene (this must be stored safely) in a tight metal container.

6.   Arrange a source of water in case of an emergency. Store many gallons in Clorpx bottles or similar containers to be used in emergency for drinking and preparing food. If possible a well on your lot may be beneficial.

7.   Learn how, and prepare food for storage and use over the winter by canning or drying. Have on hand some bottles and caps for home canning.

8.   Talk with your neighbors about cooperation. Find out their resources and how you can help them and they in turn help you.

9.   Be ready and willing to cooperate with your police, firemen and civil defense in their efforts to meet emergency situations.

10.   Be prepared to show true brotherly love and service to others by sharing with those truly in need. True brotherly love in harmony with the gospel would be to share rather than fight and drive people away.

11.   Have all necessary shovels, spading forks, hoes, rakes, hammers, nails and other tools that may be needed.

12.   Have on hand a roll of plastic material that could be used to cover windows, if broken.

13.   Have on hand a years supply of clothing, extra blankets, shoes, etc., to share with those who may have lost everything.

14.   Be ready to take some one into your home, and care for those injured or in need.

15.   Be ready to care for the sick, have some medical supplies and provisions on hand (including special medicines, vitamins, insulin, etc.) if needed.

16.   Know and understand sanitary procedures and how to implement them in case of need.

17.   Know who your home teachers are and how to get in touch with them.

18.   Be ready to work for what you get. Do not expect a handout^so long as you are able to work. Seek to repay in labor or services for all help received. Be ready to help others without repayment.

19.      Have a year's supply of money on hand where it couTd be available in case an emergency should arise.

20.   Have an emergency kit prepared (food, clothing, bedding, medicines, first aid) on hand, so you could move to temporary quarters if circumstances warranted doing so.

21.   The Stake Presidency, High Council or your Bishopric would appreciate hearing from you and how you feel about these matters. Especially if you have some suggestions, write them down and send them to us.

We encourage you to live so that inspiration for you and your family may be forthcoming. Use your personal initiative in preparing for the future and then seek help from the Lord.

May the Lord bless us so that we may enjoy the blessings that come from working together with all good people to accomplish the righteous purposes necessary in preparing the way for the establishment of peace under our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sincerely your brother, Weston L. Roe, President, Marin Stake