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Dictionary of Tools by R.A. Salaman

Tool freaks, this is the ultimate tool book! Not only an incredible array of woodworking tools from past and present shown, but plenty of special-purpose (e.g., wheelwrighting) ones, too.   The extra clear illustrations often show the tool in action, which should enable you let's-do-it-the-old-way people to get at it.   There are diagrams of such things as coaches, barrels, farm wagon undercarriages, Dutch windmills, and the like. All wood.   This adds up to a book that is much more than a museum display of artifacts.   It is, in my opinion, worth the money which is a special deal by the importer.  Perhaps you can talk your library into it, but serious workers will want one of their own. Yummy!

ISBN: 0684145359

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