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FONTRIX, pronounced Font Trix by Data Transforms

It is hard to categorize FONTRIX. It has some features of a painting program, but not enough. It has some of the features of a word procesing program, but doesn't come close. You can produce some of the same results as READYSETG0 (p126), but not nearly as quickly or easily. Let's just call it a "Font Producer Aid Then Some.''

You can go directly into the Graphic Writer and type the test in using various fonts. Or you can create the text in W0RDSTAR (p.56) or another word processor, then let FONTRIX translate it into a graphic file, enhance it with the drawing tools using keyboard or mouse, and finally print it. Fonts can be edited, italicized, bolded, squeezed together or created, as long as you do it beforehand.

FONTRIX is quite versatile, but also quite tedious. To convert one page of W0RDST.4R text to a FONTRIX graphic file takes 22 minutes if you are working with floppies. Make one mistake that can't be fixed cosmetically, and you start all over. If you use a RAM disk or have a hard disk, you can cut that time down to 6 Minutes. The graphic files created by FONTRIX are humongous! You need I80K for one 8-1/2 x 11 inch sheet. Here again, a hard disk is desirable.

Although the program comes with 1O fonts and there are 100 more available in packs of 10 for $25 each, you can NOT alter the SIZE of the font. When you move between the Graph Writer and the Graph Printer utilities, FONTRIX dumps all the selected fonts out of memory and forgets all the default settings for disk drive, etc. Give me a break!