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Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy

In Hackers, Levy does for computers what Tom Wolfe did for space with The Right Stuff. Both are behind-the-scenes tales of elite athletes pursuing potent new technologies; both are vividly written; both are inspiring.

Levy chronicles three generations of hackers - the minicomputer all-night users at MIT and Stanford in the '60s, the hardware hackers around the Homebrew Computer Club who made the first personal computers in the mid-'70s, and the myriad home-grown programmers on those computers as soon as they hit the market, who gave us the galaxy of consumer software from VISICALC to CHOPLIFTER! In the succession of generations Levy portrays a gradual degrading, commercializing of the Hacker Ethic, one of the noblest codes in history. Since the personal computer revolution is still in progress, it's not too late to join the rebel cause.

ISBN: 0141000511

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