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Son of Man Temple

We have always hoped that we could establish a place in our community where hundreds of ideas could grow and flourish, where people could feel free to say and do the things that seemed most natural to them. The Son of Man Temple was created for that purpose, to serve in humankind's development.

However the place in which we come together to express our humanity is not a church in the mtost traditional sense. We do not practice a religion; we are not Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or Moslem. We do not honor one God or one Reverend. This does not mean that we negate any religion; we all have differing philosophies and views, of our world. We are all a part of everything and it is a part of each of us.

Our belief is that every human being has the right to be free. We can all agree that we are not. Therefore, we come together to express our agreement on that belief > every Sunday at the Son of Man Temple. It is a place where we can come to discover and learn. If we begin the week with this kind of unity and understanding we can carry, through each day, our concern, an enthusiastic feeling, about our survival and our freedom.

The ways in which we express this agreement about our desire to break away from our common problem, oppression, may differ. Some of us might sing or dance about it, some of us might play music about it or some of us might speak about various aspects of our problem. It does not matter what we do if it is done with sincerity and in our people's interest. Our intent is not to simply talk or sing. We will, through various community programs in action at the Learning Center, which houses our Temple, create the means of solving the problems we face.

The Son of Man Temple must become known as a community forum, a place where the dreams of the people can become ideas, where ideas can become a practical reality, where that reality will lead us forward to freedom.

Our purpose then is to come together, let our differences be minimized, let our similarities blossom. We want the belief that we should live, that our children should live, that our people should live, to be contagious. We want our belief in the beauty of life to spread to freedom-loving people everywhere.