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Two by Rabindranth Tagore

What I got,
And what I did not.
Today my mind refuses to draw a balance sheet.
In the light and shadow of my heart
The flute is playing a glad music.

I loved this earth, I loved it;
That memory alone comes back to my mind
Over and over again,
How the southern breeze of many springs
Filled my vessel to its brim.

My tears lie hidden in the deep chambers of the heart
Silently and in secret their pathos makes fruitful my spiritual quest.
True, the string broke now and then.
But who is going to cry over it.
Still the melody did play true, time and again.
That alone comes back to mind.

Today my mind refuses to strike a balance sheet
 Of what I got.
And what I did not.

•     •     •    •

You have made me endless.
Such is your sport.
Emptying this little vessel
You have filled it over and over again
With fresh draughts.

Over so many hills and dales
Along so many springs and rivers
You have carried this little reed,
Playing tune after tune over it.
Whom can I tell?

At your immortal touch
My little heart loses all limits
In overflowing delight.
And words well up from the depths.

Day and night you are giving me
A handful of your gifts.
It never ends,
The road continues for ages.
And I am forever yours.