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Five Minute Speeches - Meca Wawona

Hi folks.   I practice barefoot forestry in the north coast of Califprnia Humboldt and Mendocino Counties and me and my co-workers are trying to educate ourselves about what responsible resource management means.  How to provide our housing and grovel in the trashed-over watersheds and fix things up, and try to understand the relationships between fisheries and streams and forests and our own lives.

We really need your help.  It's not enough that some of us grovel in these trashed-out places and try to repair things and regenerate the life.out there, restore the whole systems that our lives depend on, if others of us continue to invest unknowingly in the practices which do this, which rip up the face of the Earth.

So I want to ask you to think about some things, and then I'd like to ask you to do some things.  Did you know that clear cutting exists today totally unprecedented in the world on the face of the planet, that the machinery and technology that was developed in World War II was unleashed in our upper watersheds in the last 15 - 20 years to get out what little was left? Did you know that the chemicals that were developed for use in Vietnam, 2-4 D and 2,4-5 T (Agent Orange), are being sprayed on thousands upon thousands of acres of forest land every year by our forest service and by multi-national corporations? These chemicals were banned for use in Vietnam because they were known to cause birth defects. They are being used here and all over the world now.

Did you know that the future of this planet lies in our wilderness areas, that that's where the gene pools are kept, that's where oxygen is produced, where the fisheries that tie into the whole cycle of life exist. Did you know that over 80% of the salmon fisheries in the north coast have been wiped out in the last fifteen years?

Talk to some of the backwoods people that are pulling log jams out so that fish can run back up. They'll mail you some redwood that came out of the streams, instead of going out and cutting what little is left.    , Don't buy any more redwood, and tell all your friends and families not to.  For all of you who own stock in the multi-national corporations, all of the international multi-national corporations are the same.  Pull your money out. Tell your friends and family to pull their money out. Put it into some of these other good things that are happening. Or if you leave it there, think about initiating some stockholder's suits for irresponsible practices.

Another thing I'd like to ask you to do is participate in this RARE II (Roadless Area Review Evaluation) process that one of the Friends of the River talked about earlier.  If you don't think letters matter, you're wrong, they really do matter.

I'd like to finish by singing a chant.   It's a Porno chant, a peace chant.  Sing to the land and listen to it, and let it tell you how to be. [Meca sings a Porno chant.]