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20th Anniversary Rendezvous - Wavy Gravy

Dear J.B., Eggplant, Kevin, et al.,

You've got Gravy in yr eye. This is Wavy (still) Gravy after all these years — your basic psychedelic relic and temple of accumulated error. I was a teenage beatnik but they'll bury me a hippie — "Peace N Love" but not necessarily in that order.

I tell people the '80s are the '60s twenty years later, "old feathers — new bird" which is the title of my audio assault (record, CD. and tape) on Relix. Records to be released any second now.

Yes, I am still a hog farmer living on the expanded family compound in Berkeley, CA, or our Laytonville, CA, Black Oak Ranch. We still manage the Babylon telephone answering service in Berkeley and I am the director of Camp Winna-rainbow, a circus and performing arts camp on our 500 acre country land. Other Hog Farm hussies: "Intents," an incredible teepee, tent, and awning manufacturing biz; "Martin's Modules" — nifty one room wooden prefabs; "Stan's Jam," yum, yum; plus we laid in a field of blue corn this summer, etc. And in this manner the whole Hog Farm gathers photos of dead presidents for house and land payments and basic human needs. In the ancient times (1965-75) we floated our scene (a caravan of painted buses from sea to shining sea), on mostly magic. Today, we use mainly money!

In 1968 we ran a pig for president of the United States. Her name was Pigasus Pig and she was the first female black and white candidate for that high office. In 1972 we ran a rock for president and a roll for vice president! At rallies we would serve cinnamon rolls, jelly rolls, bagels, Kaiser rolls, and you could always eat the vice president as the roll kept changing. In '76 we launched my favorite — the Nobody for President Campaign — "Nobody's perfect," etc. Using plastic wind-up chatter teeth for the speeches and Rock 'n Roll for the sound track. Ditto '80 and '84, just working for Nobody as Nobody was in Washington workin' for us. I enjoy being Nobody's Fool cuz I firmly believe Nobody should have that much power. But after three times out, enough already! I thought maybe we'd run a piano in '88. But. . . after Jackson tossed in the towel, the plastic teeth on top of the TV started clicking of their own volition. Soooo . . . here we go again, aboard our 1948 Greyhound that we call the, "Nobody One." So, watch for us (me, the clicking teeth, and a Rock 'n Roll band called the Vicious Hippies), at a civic center near you. Keep the spirit of positive creative anarchy alive in yr heart but get registered and let's lick Bush.

On a lighter note, I'm still on the board of the Seva Foundation, working to help alleviate some of human suffering (something to do), mainly focusing on combatting unnecessary and preventable blindness. (Almost 80 percent of the people in the world who are blind don't need to be.) We do mobile cataract camps in Nepal and India. An eye operation today costs about $15. For the price of a movie with a couple friends — wanna help? Send photos ($) of dead presidents to: Seva Foundation, 108 Spring Lake Drive, Chelsea, MI 48118.^% also work with native Americans in public health, have a refugee project in southern Mexico, and agricultural projects with the widows in the highlands of Guatemala.

I am the Seva fundraiser working on my next concert which is a benefit for Seva and the New York homeless, to be held Saturday, November 26th at St. John the Divine in New York
City, with Mickey Hart, Baba Olatunji, Allen Ginsberg, Laurie Anderson, Crosby, (Stills?), and Nash, plus readings by William Dafoe, Susan Sarandon, and maybe Robt. Deniro &&& so ... be there, and tella friend.

It's so heavy, it's light!    

Sincerely, W Gravy at large