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20th Anniversary Rendezvous - Sparrow

I got
a letter
today from The
Whole Earth Review

asking for my comments
20th Anniversary Issue.

All day I'm
walking around
"I'm a voice of
The New Age!"

I look at the
guys wiping
windshields on Houston St

It's a hot day and they're
putting their weight into it.

Somehow I've become a
voice of the New Age
and they haven't.

I buy a round whole wheat
bread at
the bakery on 1st
and 2nd
and the 55 year old woman
looks deep in my eyes
with her deep eyes.

she a voice of the New Age too?

I see Robert Chambers
is back in the news
p. 14 of the Post
with the caption
"Preppie Killer.'

Y'know it
hit me early August
The Post began as a
terrible paper.

Alexander Hamilton was a
terrible guy!
He wanted us to have a King!
So what's everyone so upset about?

But The Post will change in
The New Age.
There will be many
more articles on
foot massage.

What will I tell
The Whole Earth
when I write them tomorrow?

Do I have a message?

"Can I get a
balloon for free?"
this guy on the subway says
but that is not
my message.

There was a woman
on WBAI last night
who can teach you how
to become other people.

She's looking for the right
room to do it in.

She says it's kind of
an accident who
we are
and we can be as
someone working at Papaya King.

I'd like to do that
Here's a Hasidic
with 2 real little
fat happy kids.

Funny how kids
don't have religion.

Should I say that
to The Whole Earth?