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How to Hide Things In Public Places by Dennis Fiery

1996. Loompanics Unlimited. Port Townsend, WA.

So your boss has gone home for the evening and inadvertently left the plans and enabling codes for the Stars Wars Defense System spread out on his desk . The Costa Ricans would pay big bucks for this, you think, worried about your next house payment, lack of a dental plan, and that forthcoming trip to Vegas. You hurriedly cold-boot the Xerox, run off a couple copies of the documents, and return the originals. Now comes the hard part. How to swap the documents for cash without revealing your identity or engaging in face-to-face tradeoffs? Moreover, is it prudent to stash the evidence in your house? Even Whittaker Chambers had the good sense to hide his microfilm in the pumpkin patch!

Exchanges can be made using dead drops, and virtually every imaginable public space from parking lots to libraries to department stores offers secure long-term storage options. For the more ambitious, Fiery offers detailed plans for "secret" hiding places constructed expressly to blend into the public environment. And then there are the "innocent bystanders," anyone from a store clerk to a homeless person, who will unknowingly assist you if approached with the right pitch. Whether you need to hide last month's AMEX bill or a disposable shoulder-launched missile system — where there's a will, there's a way. Now if only Fiery would write a companion volume on how to find those lost car keys....


ISBN: 1893626466

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