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The Resurgence of the Real: Body, Nature, and Place in a Hypermodern World by Charlene Spretnak

Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1997; 256 pp. $22.

The Resurgence of the Real is a manifesto of political philosophy. Charlene Spretnak calls the ominous driving force "Prometheus, the Hypermodern." The future is a Zoroastrian-style battle. In one corner is "Prometheus, the Hypermodern " — a victorious, reductionist techno-warrior that has denigrated the knowing body, desacralized nature, and irrealized the locus called "place," a free-wheeler whose bravado advertises the grand elimination of the divine in everyday life. In the other corner is "Ecological Post-modernism." Spretnak clearly portrays the rounds lost to Prometheus, but argues that the Hypermodern is so alienating and, ultimately, self-destructive, that the final battle has yet to be staged. The forces of light include: the knowing body = health tied to the planet; the creative cosmos = freedom judged within the web of life; a complex sense of place = countervailing focus to homogenization and globalization. A book to infuriate those who claim that the truth is not sensuous; that intimacy with nature must be coldly objective; and that spirituality is a frivolous bad habit of the human species. If a religious revival is soon to sweep the planet, then this is its embryological testament. (A secular/sober view of the rise of non-state, global civil society is "Power Shift," by Jessica Matthews, in Foreign Affairs (Jan./Feb. l997)).


ISBN: 0201534193

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