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The CoHousing Handbook: Building a Place for Community by Chris Hanson

Oh boy. At last, an experienced how-to cohousing book adjusted to North American realities. The discussion is based on real examples, successful and otherwise. The projects are presented along with an easily read, detailed account of how and why they happened or didn't. The entire cast of characters is here: dreamers, hopers, realtors, bankers, inspectors, environmentalists, pet lovers, and pet haters. Among the protagonists is probably somebody much like yourself. Guidebooks don't come much better.

Please remember two other resources reviewed in MWEC. The CoHousing Network (510/486-2656) and their book and quarterly, both called CoHousing, for all the news; and the CoHousing Company (510/549-9980), a great consulting and development company dedicated to building cohousing communities.


ISBN: 0865715173

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