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A Place in the Sun: The Evolution of the Real Goods Solar Living Center by John Schaeffer

Other multimillion dollar businesses design their headquarters to be a symbol of corporate power and prowess. Real Goods Trading Company designed their Solar Living Center to be a demonstration of natural energy flows and corporate responsibility (with some gentle pedagogy and fun thrown in for good measure). It's living proof that living lightly on the Earth can be aesthetically satisfying, ecologically sound, and affordable?just what you'd expect from the world's most famous purveyor of the accouterments and knowledge needed to achieve that worthy goal. In this lively documentary, founder John Schaeffer & crew present the principles and principal actors that brought about this extraordinary oasis. The multi-talented team reveals their process in intimate detail, including mistakes, with an uncommon truth and humility. It's a rare and inspiring pleasure to read.


ISBN: 1890132012

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