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Green Development: Integrating Ecology and Real Estate by Alex Wilson

1997; 522 pp. $54.95. John Wiley & Sons.

Inevitable. Inexorable. Despised. How can development be green? A group of researchers at Rocky Mountain Institute insists that real estate development can be designed to minimize damage to natural systems, and even restore those already damaged?while providing a wonderful sense of place and community. And that it can provide an acceptable profit for the developers and their investors.

The proof? Eighty examples that are working well. The attributes (and difficulties) are presented in the business lingo of those who need convincing before they'll go and do likewise. There are chapters on site planning, building design, approvals, financing, and marketing. Unlike a lot of unrealistic gnashing from the we-must crowd, the information and advice comes from practical field experience.

And there's more: A very professional Green Developments CD-ROM features 100 successful examples, with the designers, producers, and financiers talking right at you in color. You can see and hear their satisfaction and excitement.

With wide distribution, this book and CD will surely be among the most ecologically beneficial ever published. Read it. Pass it on. Give it as a gift. As architect William McDonough says "Ignorance ends today, negligence starts tomorrow!"


ISBN: 0471188786

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