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Heirloom Vegetable Gardening: A Master Gardener's Guide to Planting, Seed Saving and Cultural History by William Woys Weaver

1997; 439 pp. $45. Henry Holt and Co.

This is an amazing book. A garden is not a requirement, although you should have eaten a vegetable at some point. The book springs from Weaver's enduring passion for both gardening and research and his hope that these strange, endangered varieties will not become extinct. You may never be lucky enough to try a Goat Horn Pepper, or Skirret, or a Snake Melon, but you will never look at a vegetable the same after navigating the world of vegetables under Weaver's loving guidance. Read about these vegetables the way you might a book of poems, slowly savoring the flavors of each.


ISBN: 0805060898

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