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Play with Your Food by Joost Elffers

Food as art might not seem such a novel concept, but we're not talking about haute cuisine or frilly California plates. Remember what Mom cooked with, but forget all those dinnertime admonishments to sit up straight and to take your elbows off the table?it's time, at last, to play with your food.

Joost Elffers has found a new way of creating life forms; his medium, and now ours too, is the cornucopia of the garden and the orchard. We see ourselves and our animal friends looking back at us as transformed plants, beautifully photographed in lush color and great light. But when you open the fridge from here on in, fear not! The faces, whether fierce, anguished, surprised, or friendly will make you smile. And if they don't, well, pass the salt, and gulp! they're gone.


ISBN: 1586632302

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