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The Commanding Heights: The Battle Between Government and the Marketplace That Is Remaking the Modern World by Daniel Yergin

The 450-page version of Richard O'Brien's article. History at its best: revealing more than preaching, giving a story to our times. The big players are all here?corporate, national government, and international regulatory?with names and dates of individuals attached. Consumer/citizens, their livelihoods and lives, remain somewhat statistical compared to the power brokers, but their welfare returns and returns as a major force of destiny. Looming here, unspoken, is America's trade deficit, not now, but when and if the Euro becomes a solid alternate currency, a haven for those who feel so umbilically attached to and manipulated by the global predominance of the dollar. The Commanding Heights dignifies our time. No scapegoats, just resilient and quixotic humans testing their ideals, models, ideologies, and muddled practices in a partially known world.


ISBN: 068483569X