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Devil's Workshop: 25 Years of Jersey Devil Architecture by Susan Piedmont-Palladino

The astonishing Jersey Devils (Steve Badanes, John Ringel, and Jim Adamson) hand-build what they design, and design as they build, adding method to their madness, so to speak. They live onsite for a while before deciding what sort of building should go there. They incorporate all manner of materials: natural, industrial, and whatever they happen to run across?one of their houses incorporates an Airstream trailer as a second-story guest room. Their striking, energy-efficient buildings celebrate the site, the climate, the client's inclinations, and the Devils' spirit. The author of this handsome book notes that, "As the former official magazine of the AIA, there is a certain irony to Architecture's decision to honor Jersey Devil with a cover, considering that their practice is composed of nonmembers who intentionally defied the AIA's policy on design-build activities..." I regard Jersey Devil architecture to be wonderfully relevant to our time. That's a rare attribute, in case you haven't noticed.


ISBN: 1568981139

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