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Gaia's Body: Towards a Physiology of Earth by Tyler Volk

This is a book about geophysiology by a scientist who for many years has been working on ecological life-support systems for NASA. He takes James Lovelock's brilliant work on the Gaia theory as a starting point, and continues the task of opening up endless intricate filigreed details of Gaia's physiology and metabolism. No doubt we will see more writing of this kind in the future, which is just as well. We desperately need to learn more respect for, and more about, the planet of which we are quite literally a working part: "the key processes of Gaia are best seen by looking right through the borders of organisms."

There are still many unanswered questions, and the mystery seems to deepen the more understanding we gain. The author dodges the mystical implications of the Gaia concept but, nevertheless, Volk does a good job of creating a sense of wonder to act as a counterpoint to the engineering side of industrial ecology.


ISBN: 0262720426

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