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Hemp for Health: The Medicinal and Nutritional Uses of Cannabis Sativa by Chris Conrad

One might think that issues around the medical uses of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa , would be worked out by doctors and other medical researchers. That such medical decisions are being made by law enforcement officials shows that the War on Drugs is a culture war rather than about protecting public health interests. Even the voting voice of the people in a state like California, where the Medical Marijuana Initiative passed overwhelmingly, has little-deterred the zeal of certain entrenched bureaucracies, such as the Drug Enforcement Agency.

If you are unfamiliar with the issues involved, and with the ever-expanding medical possibilities of this ancient crop, Chris Conrad's Hemp for Health provides an up-to-date and reliable overview of the subject.

The other occupant of the medical marijuana shelf is Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine, by Lester Grinspoon and James Bakalar, who have been tireless researchers in the drug field for many years now. But Conrad's book, besides being newer, has an immediacy that is lacking in the mostly anecdotal Grinspoon-Bakalar work. Conrad's book is oriented toward patient activism, presenting what marijuana can do for you right now, and outlining what you can do to use it.

Chapter topics in Hemp for Health include history, health-care systems, chemistry, taxonomy, neuropharmacology, and legal issues, as well as specific medical applications. Useful appendices at the back of the book deal with the nuts and bolts of getting started with cannabis therapy, well-tested recipes, and a tabular compendium of the medical indications for cannabis.


ISBN: 0892815396

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