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Tribes: How Race, Religion and Identity Determine Success in the New Global Economy by Joel Kotkin

Joel Kotkin is the celebrator of the "commons of mutual interest" divorced from the "commons of place and local resources." What he thrills in is the diaspora-the ability of an ethnic group to hold common interests while scattered hither and yon over the planet. Jews, Brits, and Japanese have created commons of mutual interests as a survival and enhancement tool. The Chinese and Indians are in the process of doing so. Not a book to be loved by those who treasure the intimacy of placed-based commons-the watersheds or bioregions-but a book that solidly demonstrates how global economics and ethnic networks have and will embed cashflows within pre-existing trust cultures.

Kotkin values money over indigenous integrity. But, Tribes talks about tools for survival for groups like the Tibetans and Palestinians, and the well-seeded international clout of Mormonism. There exists no other focused discussion.


ISBN: 0679752994

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