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We the Media: A Citizen's Guide to Fighting for Media Democracy by Don Hazen and Julie Winokur

The book shows how the media is more interested in increasing entertainment value and advertising than enlightening the public and keeping the power systems of the world in check. Over a hundred commentaries by journalists, academics, and activists paint a grim picture of the concentration of media ownership, its commercialization, and the lack of public service journalism. The Baffler's Thomas Frank discusses how "hipness" has been co-opted by the major advertisers, who use beat poets, alternative music, and images of non-conformity to sell their projects. Ownership diagrams of companies like Time Warner, Westinghouse, and General Electric illustrate how just a few companies control much of what the public sees on television and on newsstands. The last chapter lists activist websites, organizations, and even has a few success stories: one group organized a call-in and letter-writing campaign to combat the rise in hate radio jockeys. An inspiring, informative read.


ISBN: 1565843800

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