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Scenarios: The Art of Strategic Conversation by Kees Van der Heijden

Corporate managers, with their careers on the line for huge, multi-million dollar investments (like power plants, factories, and drilling platforms), adopted a highly rigid, rationalist, ass-covering form of decision-making called "corporate planning" in the 1950s and 1960s. The 1970s showed that it didn't work. In language that these managers can understand, Shell planner and scenario-planning mentor Kees van der Heijden shows why it didn't, and presents an alternative: scenarios as vehicles for continually questioning your own assumptions and embracing uncertainty as you go. He also offers valuable and specific scenari0-process designs. This book is developing a following in business schools and consulting firms, where it shows highly analytical people how to incorporate into their analyses some of the human values and flexibility that, once upon a time, they felt obliged to jettison.


ISBN: 0470023686

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