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White Dog Cafe Cookbook: Multicultural Recipes and Tales of Adventure from Philadelphia's Revolutionary Restaurant by Judy Wicks and Kevin von Klause

The Cookbook, packed with recipes and stories from the projects that the authors describe in their talk, is a comprehensive look at the common bond of nourishment and how creative individuals can stretch in unexpected directions. I've eaten in their comfortable restaurant, which is decorated in a whimsical manner with lots of dog images. Their food reflects the cultural diversity of their programs and travels while focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients.

I like to test recipes in a menu. Here's how my White Dog Cafe menu worked out: marinated goat cheese with fresh tomatoes; warm mushroom-spinach salad; chicken braised with tomatoes, black olives, and pepperoni, served over linguine; and harvest fruit crisp. Each recipe I tried was flavorful and fun to prepare. The Cookbook includes many wonderful culinary hints. This is a book with a very big heart.


ISBN: 0762403063

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