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Eat Not this Flesh: Food Avoidances from Prehistory to the Present by Frederick J. Simoons

The cheapest and most reliable technique for changing a food system is to make certain foods taboo. Religion is the lowest-cost cultural tool. No ads or medical research. Free education by parents. Science's "taboos" (so much sugar or fats or cholesterol) are, in fact, difficult to implement; they are based on quantities that are hard for us everyday folks to track. It's easier to be absolute: No pork! No soda pop! No dog! Vegans and vegetarians understand this simplicity.

Eat Not This Flesh lovingly details the origin and spread of food taboos, challenging certain claims that it's all hygienic or ecological. Simoons elaborates the tangle of human moral history which can feed or starve taboos against beef, pork, chicken, eggs, horse, camel, dog, and fish. Scholarly in style, an utterly fascinating and thoughtful text. A must for those who want to leverage Earth healing with futuristic food prohibitions.


ISBN: 029914254X

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