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The Ethical Imperative: Why Moral Leadership Is Good Business by John Dalla Costa

The global economy is now also a networked economy. Increased watchfulness begins to match the vastly increasing global power of large corporations. The value of a brand name in the market is coming to owe as much to the virtue of the company as to the quality of its products or services.

The Ethical Imperative is well researched and well written. The author's voice is not that of a railing outsider, nor of someone with a political agenda or shallow theory, but of a concerned insider. There is a surprising "get it" quality, a conversion, when people catch on to their larger responsibilities?everything changes in light of the new understanding. Policy is completely re-thought at the deepest level; details of execution have to be recalibrated, often profoundly revised, to new standards. This takes time, and steady purpose. Likewise the rewards are slow, but great.


ISBN: 0738201308

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