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Investing with Your Values: Making Money and Making a Difference by Hal Brill, etal.

1999; 362 pp. $23.95. Bloomberg Press.

The cat's out of the bag?while money doesn't grow on trees, it does grow on Wall Street. People of conscience are now faced with a quandary: How do I "swim with the sharks" (i.e., profit through investing) while protecting the dolphins, whales, and other living species and systems brutalized by the economic-growth-is-good dogma? Investing With Your Values is a very useful and even-handed primer on a broad spectrum of financial choices for the environmentally and socially principled investor. It also provides history and context for our current economy and clear descriptions of many healthy emerging responses to business as usual. One caveat: To the uninitiated it looks like stocks and mutual funds always go up. T'ain't so. The stock market is a gambling casino and you can lose money. Many people do, but losers don't brag. The authors, thankfully, do go into these risks and offer alternatives for the prudent.


ISBN: 1576600262

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