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Farmageddon: Food and the Culture of Biotechnology by Brewster Kneen

1999; 240 pp. $16.95. Consortium Book Sales.

This lucid, take-no-prisoners attack on ag biotech draws on thinkers as diverse as Illich, Foucault, and North Dakota organic farmer Fred Kirschenmann. A farmer and longtime analyst of food systems, Kneen is a fount of inside information on the industrial giants that want to feed us. His most important declaration is that biotechnology is not about life. Full stop. Even some of its harshest critics will say that there may be some benign uses for biotechnology. Not Kneen. Any attempt to dominate life (whether by monopolies, terminator-seed technology, patents, or transgenic manipulation) is, for him, the limitation and extinguishing of life. In Illich's terms, a newly discovered scarcity?life?is being manufactured by companies. And they have come just in time to fill that need for you and me. Bon appetit .


ISBN: 0865713944

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