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How To Grow World Record Tomatoes: A Guinness Champion Reveals His All-Organic Techniques by Charles H. Wilber

1999; 132 pp. $14.95. Acres U.S.A., PO Box 8800, Metairie, LA 70011. 504/889-2100,

What great fun: highly detailed instruction on the myriad procedures required to even approach a world-record tomato (or, by extension of said procedures, other crop) harvest. Merely to say that this is an "authentic" presentation of formerly esoteric secrets by a genuine horticultural guru would be a vast understatement. Here are snapshots of Wilber's past triumphs. Here are close-ups of his tools and equipment. Here is the lowdown from the world champion, himself!

Seriously, folks, even if you aren't particularly interested in huge harvests, you'll find How to Grow World Record Tomatoes to be both entertaining and educational. Perhaps we should say that you'll probably find it entertaining especially if you aren't interested in setting any records, given the vast amount of work required to even begin trying! The bottom line is that the road to the record books is not for garden slackers; still, even slackers can appreciate (and learn something from) reading about what super-non-slackers might accomplish.


" Call it a trick or call it a system. Better yet, call it an art, this business of having plants reach for the sky until they require the grower to stack one cage atop the first and second to accommodate the plant and its bountiful crop....The system I use to fertilize and respondent photosynthesis have linchpin roles in nature exhibiting her potential. I have to have a twenty-inch leaf before I can feel certain that multiple cages will be required."

" Sometimes various fungi arrive on the wings of the wind. University specialists told me a black-looking infection came in with a storm. I had to pull up plants and burn them to get rid of the stuff. Again, never compost the plant residue from the tomato patch. Burn it, then burn out the cage with a torch."


ISBN: 0911311572

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