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Living Planet: Preserving Edens of the Earth by Frans Lanting, Galen Rowell, David Doubilet and text by Noel Grove

1999; 256 pp. $40.

Crown Publishers.

Living Planet features photos by three of the world's most accomplished animal-portrait and landscape cameramen?Galen Rowell's pink flamingos are stalked by a hyena in a flamingo sunset; Frans Lanting's moonlike water lilies glow in the Pantanal; and David Doubilet's stingrays sweep beneath the waves in spectacular above-and-below-waterline photos. A 40" by 30" global-ecosystem map is included with the book.

The book showcases World Wildlife Fund's game plan for the next century. WWF has been the diplomacy end of the environmental movement, working at high levels to forge agreements in troubled places. WWF's new goal is big?harmonizing the global and local commons in 200 ecosystems, in order to save as much biodiversity as possible. For its more than one million members, this is the most ethically rewarding and necessary job on Earth. Living Planet gorgeously tells why.


ISBN: 060960466X

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