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Recovering America: A More Gentle Way to Build by Malcolm Wells

1999; 143 pp. $5 ($7 postpaid). 673 Satucket Road, Brewster, MA 02631. 508/896-6850.

No one you ever heard of is likely to endorse this book so I'd better do it myself: "This book is important." ...You notice I didn't say interesting. I didn't say moving, arresting, entertaining, or well-written.

I said important. ?Malcolm Wells

Our favorite visionary eco-architect takes us on a tour of America's covered-over land, infrastructured seashores, and vast swaths of parking lots?"land contempt at its most flagrant." His imaginative renderings then re-cover it all with earth and greenery. Factories, strip malls, airports, prisons, the Pentagon, the Superdome, and Disneyland all fall to his impish drawing and painting skills at using nature to convert lifeless eyesores into living architecture. At a gently priced five bucks, this has got to be the book bargain of the year. ?Jeff Gates (coauthor of The Ownership Solution ; Perseus Books, 1999)


ISBN: 0962187887

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