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Seizing the Airwaves: A Free Radio Handbook by Ron Sakolsky and Stephen Dunifer

1998; 211 pp. $12.95. AK Press.

Want to start a micro-powered radio station in your community? Begin with Stephen Dunifer's "Micropower Broadcasting: A Technical Primer," which is the last section of Seizing the Airwaves and also downloadable from Dunifer, the founder of Free Radio Berkeley, speaks from years of experience about finding a frequency; acquiring equipment; locating and setting up a studio; what you can do yourself or buy in a kit; where you'll likely need technical or legal assistance.

The bulk of Seizing the Airwaves is interviews and short essays in which such micro-radio pioneers as Mbanna Kantako, Napoleon Williams, and Stephen Dunifer show how they and other social justice activists have taken to the airwaves despite FCC regulations.

Along with how-to help, radio4all offers links to a worldwide network of micro-radio activists and stations.


ISBN: 1873176996

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