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Micropower by Seth Dunn

2000; 94 pp.

$9 postpaid of $5 downloadable from Worldwatch, 800/555-2028 or

Micropower (power generators that are less than 10 megawatts, such as wind turbines, fuel cells, and solar panels) do not need to connect to high-voltage transmission systems. The micropowers can connect to low-voltage distribution systems; and when not needed at home or industry, can run the meter backwards. Read all about it in this, the best overview, with great web and hard-copy access. Coming sooner than you think to postmodern neighborhoods, industrial and rural: micropower and microgrids that will once again change the world.

" ...Micropower units can be built in factories, transported to their site, and installed in a matter of hours. By contrast, large power plants must be built on site, and construction can take months, years, or even decades."


ISBN: B001LB19D4

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