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Solar Living Sourcebook by John Schaeffer

2001 (11 th revised ed.); 590 pp.

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Whole Earth has reviewed all eleven editions of the Solar Living Source Book . J. Baldwin in 1994: "The new edition augments the Real Goods tradition of providing a basic energy education along with product descriptions. It could well serve as the text for an entry-level course in applied energy efficiency." We've watched Real Goods learn from experience, extend its reach, deepen its understanding of the planet and its processes, offer better products with more wisdom. This edition is simply the best. From choosing batteries to refrigerators, off-the-grid futurism to emergency preparedness, water pumps to photovoltaics, there is no better and more enjoyable the-future-is-here-and-now page-turner.

The Source Book directs its readers toward cyberspace: "You just can't beat a virtual catalog for environmental responsibility. In fact, our website uses only post-consumer electrons....It's quite possible that virtual catalogs like ours will reduce (or even eliminate) the more wasteful aspects of the mail order business in the not-too-distant future." ?Peter Warshall

The eleventh edition remains a paragon of a catalog that explains enough of the principles involved to enable intelligent choices. Moreover, they seem to have dumped dumping on Christians and Republicans?at least half of the market?for kicks. About time. ?J. Baldwin


ISBN: 0916571033

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